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Секреты мужского здоровья


Если вам не интересен Гильгамеш или Всемирный потоп, разве ради этого не стоит язык выучить?  >o<

--- Цитировать ---If a man is bewitched and (the bewitchment is manifested by the fact that) his body is ‘poured out’ and he suffers from stiffness, and his knees are contracted, his ‘heart’ desires a woman, but upon seeing the woman his ‘heart’ falters, that man’s semen has been buried with a dead person. To cure him: nīnû-plant, ḫašû-plant, ‘heals-a-thousand’-plant, nuḫurtu-plant, supālu-juniper, tullal-plant (and) ardadillu-plant you pound together. He drinks it repeatedly in grape juice on an empty stomach, then he will recover.
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--- Цитировать --- If ditto: atāʾišu-plant, tadpole of a green frog, ‘marsh-apple’ in cedar oil. You rub him repeatedly (with this oil), (then) this man will have potency as long as he lives. Witchcraft will not come near him.
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взято отсюда: http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/cmawro/pager (раздел 2.5) :up:


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